4 year old group

4 year old group

Our role as educators is to ensure Kingdom Kidz children have all the skills needed for a smooth and happy transition to school. Our 4 year old group includes the following:

  • Small group time allowing children to build on specific skills needed for School
  • Computer time encouraging and developing I.T skills
  • Resources to encourage early literacy and numeracy – flashcards, magnets, beads, puzzles, stories and songs etc
  • Wide selection of books Non fiction & fiction & Regular Library bus visits
  • Project work – Building confidence & a passion for learning by focusing on what interests them individually and extending on it

Developing Skills

  • Confidence in communication, asking for help, group talking
  • Core Values – respect for others, building self confidence & positive self image
  • Respect for nature & world around us – veggie garden, animals in centre
  • Self help skills such as looking after personal property, putting on shoes and clothes independently etc (tying shoelaces) and self managing toileting needs

Physical Skills

  • Provide resources for gross motor skills balance and coordination, for example ropes, hoops, balls, carpentry tools, playground equipment, ladders balancing planks
  • Provide resources for fine motor skills, for example, threading, the use of paintbrushes, scissors, pencils, peg boards, puzzles, mobilo, blocks etc.