Over 2 Center

Over Two Centre - 2 to 6 years old

Children’s interests are observed and documented in learning stories. Children’s emerging interests are discussed at regular staff meetings and a group plan is formed. Once the next project focus is decided teachers discuss with the children and their parents, goals & learning objectives. Children’s interests are extended through conversations, resources, activities, mat times, transition groups, community involvement and guest speakers. Contributions from the community are always welcomed. Newsletters are emailed to inform parents of any emergent project, given opportunity for contribution. Children may bring resources from home to share. As learning develops children’s work is collected and documented, display boards follow the learning journey and allow parental input and feedback and gives the children opportunity to revisit information and ideas. Teachers document what the children have learnt (individually and as a group) and allow time for reflection. Teachers evaluate and review learning objectives (if/how they were achieved and how other learning outcomes evolved). All project work is collected and recorded in a project learning journey book for future reference and reflection.